4 Points how to prevent #dental problems in children

Dental problems like caries and gingivitis have increased to a much extent in kids in recent years. Teeth care should start as early as the first milk tooth erupts in the mouth.

How to stop teeth decay in children?

1◆ Diet:-
yes, diet plays a major role to stop dental caries. More sugar and sticky food cause more damage to the teeth.

Sugared gums, candies sticky chocolates, and soft drinks are the main reasons for tooth cavities.

Food items like cheese, milk, sugarless gum, fruits, and vegetables are better choices for dental health.

The most important thing which has to be understood by parents is that the more frequently child eats sugary and sticky food the more chances to have dental problems, it is not the amount of sugary food.

2◆ Oral hygiene habits
Children’s teeth should be cleaned with a brush at least one time a day. Children should also be encouraged to bedtime oral hygiene habits like brushing and gargling.

3◆ Fluoride:-
Fluoride toothpaste can be used on dentist advice once a day. Fluoride forms a protective layer over teeth surface and stops caries formation.

4◆ professional dental help:-
Parents should take children to the dentist for routine dental checkups. Timely visits to the dental office may help to stop the initiation of tooth decay and gum problems in children.

Some other measures like Fluoride gel application and pit and fissure sealants are also advised in some children to stop dental caries.

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