3 Mistakes of My #Brushing – What not to do with your #Teeth

Often in our Dental Clinic In Dwarka, we come across a very interesting query of our Patients.

Doctor, I brush my #teeth twice daily then why do I have a cavity or bleeding gums, or bad breath.

The reason is our intention is good but maybe there is a small flaw with our #brushing technique.


Let me explain moreover we do concentrate on asking our Dentists which is the best toothpaste or a good toothbrush or any mouthwash to be used but all these things are less important as to know how to brush properly.

Actually, there are three most common mistakes which we unknowingly repeat daily…

1) Fast and speedy brushing- obviously brushing the teeth is a work that needs to be done before leaving for work or for school.
Correction to be made – Slow speed, gentle brushing, and more repetition.

2) Brushing in horizontal motion on the Smile surface of teeth.
This mistake even does harms the softer gums around the corner which are an important component of your oral health.

Correction- Contacts of our teeth are Vertical hence when brushing is done horizontally food particles remain stuck in-between spaces of the teeth.

3) Brushing while using mobile or going through NEWS or maybe watching TV …
There is an old saying
“Out of Sight – Out of Mind”
When you don’t see the area you are brushing you tend to do it all wrong…

Following are a few pictures that will help you to understand how to take care of your teeth properly.

Keep Smiling!!

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