Gum Disease

Gum diseases are also known as gingival and or periodontal disease.

Usual symptoms are

#BadBreath. or halitosis.

#Pain in teeth and gums and mobility of teeth.

#Bleeding gums on chewing or brushing or after getting up from bed.

#Bad taste of mouth.

Stages of Periodontal disease

Stage 1 or #Gingivitis
– color changes are seen in gums with the change of form and attachment loss of gums along with bleeding from gums.

Stage 2 or Mild #Periodontitis
– also known as early periodontitis.
It is characterized by a foul smell from the mouth and more aggressive symptoms of stage 1 with greater bleeding and increasingly weak gums.
The underlying bone which holds the teeth or the Alveolar bone starts degrading.

Stage 3 or Moderate #Periodontitis
– Further deterioration of gums along with the mobility of teeth and exposure of roots may become evident due to increased attachment loss. #TeethSensativity.
Increased Alveolar bone loss and generalized spacing in the earlier tight contacts of the teeth.

Stage 4 or Advanced #Periodontitis
-Multiple mobile teeth and generalized pain in teeth on chewing.
Increased #TeethSensativity.
More than 50 percent loss of strength of teeth and gums.

Stage 5 or Refractory #Periodontitis
All other types are under this. It may have the aggressive disease of gum inflammation or slow and gradual onset.

Reasons for the disease

Improper brushing.
Medical conditions like #diabetes , #hypertension , #osteoporosis etc.
Decreased human immune system.
Idiopathic reasons.

How to prevent #GumDiseases

Brush twice daily and properly.
Floss regularly.
Avoid smoking.
Eating healthy foods.
Quarterly #Dental checkup.

When to approach the #Dentist

As soon as any symptoms begin it is advisable to seek an expert Dentist’s opinion.
It’s always easy to control disease in the early stages with minimal or no permanent damage to gums.

Home Remedies if any

In such types of disease home remedies might help just to reduce the severity of symptoms while the disease doesn’t slow down.

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