invisible braces

Clear aligners are made up by using special CAD-CAM techniques in the laboratory.

Who all require invisible aligners?

◆ Spacing or more gap between front teeth.

◆ teeth are more crowded or slightly overlap.

◆ more forwardly positioned teeth that affect the overall appearance and normal functioning of teeth.

√ How invisible aligners are placed #

● First dentists evaluate the patient dentition or teeth whether the patient fits under the category of wearing clear aligners or not.

● A full mouth impression of polyvinyl siloxane is taken by the dentist and a mold is prepared.

● This cast is then sent to the laboratory where a digital tooth scan is performed. This scan shows the patient’s current teeth position and makes desired teeth position.

● According to the tooth scan, a series of custom trays are made. Usually, 10 to 30 trays require to achieve desired results.

● each tray is changed and next is placed after around 20 days till the
desired results come.

√ The patient has to wear these trays for 20 to 22 hours a day. Trays can be removed while brushing or eating food.

These trays don’t cause any discomfort to the patient
, Easy to clean by brush and ‘ nearly invisible ‘.

√ Normally invisible or clear aligners take somewhere 12 to 20 months to bring the teeth to their desired position.

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