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    • invisible braces

      Clear aligners are made up by using special CAD-CAM techniques in the laboratory. Who all require invisible aligners? ◆ Spacing or more gap between front teeth. ◆ teeth are more crowded or slightly overlap. ◆ more forwardly positioned teeth that affect the overall appearance and normal functioning of teeth. √ How invisible aligners are placed

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    • ways to get rid of #Bad Breath

      Eighty percent of people suffer from bad breath or ‘halitosis’ at any point of time in their life. Bad breath affects a person’s overall personality in public or at the workplace. Causes of bad breath: The main reason to have halitosis or a bad smell from the mouth is bacterias which grow in the form

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    • Gum Disease

      Gum diseases are also known as gingival and or periodontal disease. Usual symptoms are #BadBreath. or halitosis. #Pain in teeth and gums and mobility of teeth. #Bleeding gums on chewing or brushing or after getting up from bed. #Bad taste of mouth. Stages of Periodontal disease Stage 1 or #Gingivitis– color changes are seen in

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    • 4 Points how to prevent #dental problems in children

      Dental problems like caries and gingivitis have increased to a much extent in kids in recent years. Teeth care should start as early as the first milk tooth erupts in the mouth. How to stop teeth decay in children? 1◆ Diet:-yes, diet plays a major role to stop dental caries. More sugar and sticky food

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    • Root canal treatment

      Root canal treatment is a procedure to clean and restore an infected tooth that is damaged by deep cavities or some external factors like trauma, fracture, or wears and tear over a longer duration.Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the core or the pulp tissue inside the tooth gets infected or inflamed. This is the

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