Root Canal Treatment and its Complexities

A Root Canal treatment is one of the routinely done procedures at Dental Clinic to safeguard a compromised tooth hence increasing the longevity and functioning of the tooth.

Usually, they are simpler in nature but sometimes the anatomy or the grade of infection in the tooth might lead to a possibility of complete or partial failure of a Root Canal Treatment.

To understand fully the technical difficulties faced by a dentist doing a complicated RCT we need to know the structure of the tooth where RCT is done.

Verbal meaning of Root Canal treatment means cleaning or treatment of the canals which run through the roots of the teeth using micro-instruments files or pro tapers both hand and rotary variants.

Now the lumen of the canal is so fine that sometimes it is difficult to open completely it may be due to secondary calcium deposits due to age or chronic infection, may be hereditary, traumatic occlusion, etc.

In such cases, modern technology comes into play, and fortunately we the dentist are provided by chelating agents and intracanal medicament like EDTA, etc which facilitate filing and shaping up of the Root canal following a perfect obturating restoration and hence a successful treatment.

Sometimes uncontrolled diabetes also plays a negative role in the clinical success of a Root canal treatment. For such cases, prophylactic antibiotics and active control of diabetic picture help.

In our Clinical practice dentists often face blocked canals that are completely obliterated especially in elderly patients, such cases are a challenge to the dentist.

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